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Seemab Akram

Disclaimer The case studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims. As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents.

Her story

Seemab Akram, a young woman residing in Karachi, is a dedicated student currently pursuing her Master’s degree. However, her life took a tragic turn when she was just 14 years old. One day, while she and her sister were in the midst of cooking in their kitchen, a gas cylinder suddenly exploded, causing severe burns to both of them. The anguished cries drew their mother to their aid, and they were swiftly rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. Seemab bore the brunt of the blast, sustaining burns to her hands, chest, face, and neck. Tragically, her sister could not overcome her injuries and passed away within three hours of this devastating incident.

In 2015, Seemab sought refuge and assistance from the DSF. Since then, she has undergone numerous surgical and non-surgical medical procedures on her path to recovery. However, she still requires additional treatment to help restore her features to a semblance of normalcy. To achieve this, we humbly request your support and assistance.