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Shahida Shilpi

Disclaimer The case studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims. As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents.

Her story

Shahida Shilpi, a woman in her middle years, resides in Karachi. Several years ago, she found herself in an unfortunate marriage to a man twice her age. At the time, Shahida possessed youth and beauty, while her husband, lacking education and charisma, harbored insecurities that soon evolved into suspicion and mistrust.

Their relationship took a dark turn during a wedding they attended together. Shahida’s radiance drew admiration from all in attendance, triggering yet another bout of jealousy in her husband. This jealousy ultimately escalated into physical abuse and relentless beatings. She was forcibly cut off from her friends, family, and community. On a particularly dreadful morning, despite being granted permission to visit her own family, she was brutally dragged back and confined to a room. In a heartless act, her husband retrieved an acid-filled bottle, flung its contents at Shahida, and fled, leaving her in a state of helplessness. Her cries for help summoned concerned neighbors who rushed her to a nearby clinic for urgent medical attention. Her face, neck, and shoulders bore the painful scars of severe burns.

In 2017, Shahida sought refuge and support from the DSF, embarking on a journey of multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. She later found love anew and now mothers two children, reveling in the embrace of a joyful family life. As her health improved, she pursued her aspirations, completing a beauty course and working as a beautician at Depilex Salon for four fulfilling years. Presently, Shahida operates as a freelance beauty service provider, catering to the needs of women in the comfort of their homes. Shahida firmly believes that with each confrontation of our fears, we gain strength, courage, and unwavering confidence in our abilities.