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Sidra Kanwal

Disclaimer The case studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims. As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents.

Her story

My name is Sidra Kanwal, and I reside in Karachi. A few years ago, I entered into a marriage that turned out to be far from joyful. Despite the arrival of a beautiful baby boy, our home was persistently marred by domestic conflicts. Eventually, my husband and I decided to part ways. With my son by my side, I returned to my parents’ home.

As time passed, a man from our neighborhood proposed marriage to me. My father diligently investigated and discovered that he was battling a crippling addiction to drugs. Consequently, we declined the proposal. Upon learning of this rejection, the man’s anger festered, leading him to hatch a wicked scheme to exact revenge on me.

One fateful evening, as I ventured to the market for some shopping, he surreptitiously followed me. As I turned into a narrow alley, he suddenly appeared before me, brandishing a bottle filled with corrosive acid. In a horrifying instant, he unleashed the acid upon me, and I shrieked in agonizing pain. The assailant swiftly fled the scene, leaving me writhing in despair. Passersby rushed to my aid, transporting me to the nearest hospital for emergency care. My face and nose bore the scars of this malicious attack, and the cost of treatment was beyond my means.

In 2015, I sought assistance from the DSF, a beacon of hope during my darkest hours. Over the years, I underwent numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures on my path to recovery. As my health improved, I found love once more and remarried in 2018. My husband, a laborer with modest earnings, and I resolved to enhance our family’s financial situation. Encouraged by DSF’s support, I established a small home-based tuckshop that I now operate. This endeavor has brought prosperity to our lives, and we are now a content and happy family.